The Aquaponics Garden Team

Leia is a sustainability and environment entrepreneur who has a passion for the natural world. Leia grew up in the the Philippines where she witnessed first hand the anthropogenic pressures of tourism and development on local resources, and strongly feels the need for environmental education and developing ecological farming practices around the world. Leia hopes to make a positive contribution towards reducing the environmental impact of farming on the natural world.

Leia Kennedy - Co-founder & COO

Dominic is passionate about coming up with new ideas to solve problems and is driven to prove that sustainable companies can be sexy and profitable. He has gained business experience having co-founded Caramello Productions Ltd. which was sold in 2018, as well as being a non-executive director and Investment Committee member of Rockspring. Dominic aims to create a profit making enterprise while practicing responsible entrepreneurship and creating jobs

Dominic Gammon - Co-founder & CEO

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