"If there was one world problem you could help solve, what would it be?"

This is the question co-founders Dominic and Leia asked each other in October 2016. 


Sustainability of food production


Sustainability of food production was a problem we wanted to make an impact on. We set a challenge to go to the local supermarket and buy fresh ingredients to cook a delicious supper using produce that had been grown in the UK. This task was difficult as we were surrounded by imported fruit and vegetables. Being passionate about food and the environment led us to see the opportunity and discover aquaponics as a potential solution.


"The technology already exists to grow food, sustainably, locally and year-round.

Why are we not using it more?"


This sparked a joint interest and passion in finding a way to make sustainable indoor farming technology more available and adoptable for local communities around the UK and the world.  The Aquaponics Garden Ltd. was born.

Where are we now?

The Aquaponics Garden Limited (AQGA) has developed a vertical indoor farming prototype that overcomes seasonality and has been proven over 14 months of development. The R&D facility is on SRUC's Elmwood Campus in Cupar, Fife.

The team converted a cluster of disused classrooms into a productive vertical aquaponic farm.

We designed and built our pilot facility to enable us to conduct research into growing a variety of food and non-food crops year-round in Scotland. 

Converge Impact Challenge 2020 Winners