Scotland's first aquaponic vertical farming technology company

We are a research and development company, whose key aim is to commercialise aquaponic vertical farming and make it easily adoptable worldwide.



To empower local communities, farmers and businesses to be self sufficient in food whilst preserving the environment.



Through the use of our technology, develop know-how to enable production of fresh produce at economically viable levels, all year round, even in challenging environments and locations.



We have taken a holistic approach to sustainability, choosing low impact materials where possible and using renewable energy tariffs. Our fertiliser is produced on-site and we use up to 95% less water than conventional growing methods.

economically viable

Our innovative vertical farming technology is being developed to cost 50% less than existing solutions, and a pay back time of less than three years.


We are developing a proprietary software to enable our farm to be controlled and monitored remotely. 

easy to adopt

We believe that sustainable, localised crop production should be adoptable by everyone in the next ten years. We are capturing data that enables us to develop a wide variety of crops.