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One dreary October evening in 2016, Leia Kennedy and Dominic Gammon were sat in a café in Nottingham. One turned to the other asking


"If there was one problem in the world you would like to fix, what would it be?"


They both agreed that the sustainability of food production was a problem that they would both like to solve. That evening they set a challenge to go to the local supermarket and buy fresh ingredients to cook a delicious supper using produce that had been grown in the UK. This task was difficult as they were surrounded by imported fruit and vegetables. Being passionate about food and the environment led them to discover aquaponics as a potential solution.


"There must be the technology that would allow us to grow high quality produce year-round in the UK, with a significantly reduced environmental impact"


This sparked a joint interest and passion in finding a way to grow fresh produce, year-round, for local communities around the UK. After finishing their degrees, Dominic and Leia moved to Edinburgh, where Leia's father grew up, and decided to start an aquaponics research business to prove their concept. The Aquaponics Garden Ltd. was born.

Where are we now?

Since incorporation, Dominic and Leia have studied aquaponics, attended conferences, spoken to aquaponics experts, read academic studies and worked with a leading aquaponics consultant to bring their ambitious plan to fruition and in July 2019 successfully signed a 5 year lease agreement to rent 170 square meters of disused classroom space to turn into the pilot farm.

We have been trialling growing a variety of different crops in our indoor facility and have been successful with fruiting crops as well as leafy greens and flowers. We won the Converge Impact Challenge 2020 and are now looking to find end users of our technology to help inform our R&D through 2021 and beyond.

Meet our head Crop Scientist Giuseppe!

"A local approach for a global solution"


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